Commercial law is complex enough even when just doing business in the States.

But when you branch out into the rest of the world, that’s when things can get really complicated. First of all, in what country is the business you’re working with? The legal firm you partner with needs to know precisely how U.S. law compliments or contrasts with their legal system, as well as verifying that you’re in compliance with regulations within both nations. On top of all of that, your advocate needs to be sensitive and aware of cultural differences.

At MAI Law Firm, we’ve made it a point to check all of those boxes. For more than three decades, we’ve represented businesses involved in commercial activities in South America, Europe, and Asia. Our focus is aimed at resolving high-value and complex multinational business matters for our clients. We’re located in Miami, an international hub for commerce, trade, and banking.

A few of the areas we provide legal guidance and service include:

  • International/cross-border transactions: We represent domestic and foreign businesses, organizations, and institutions in virtually every trade. With our experience in U.S. trade law, as well as multilateral and bilateral trade agreements, we effectively understand issues and resolve problems.
  • Regulatory agencies: Our team of attorneys is highly experienced in dealing with the regulatory agencies tasked to oversee international business matters..
  • Trade litigation: We have extensive experience representing our clients in scope determinations, administrative review, original investigations, changed circumstances reviews, and more.
  • Taxation advice: We provide comprehensive advice geared toward minimizing your company or organization’s tax burden. Our attorneys can develop customized repatriation strategies and capital structures for domestic companies. For clients employed by foreign companies, we can assist with planning for the most tax-efficient structures from both a foreign and domestic perspective.

However, we believe that to effectively advocate for our clients, we need to be able to deliver more than sound legal advice. Technological and social innovations have made the world seem smaller, but the fact is, there are still massive differences between nations. Whether your business is taking part in a stand-alone project or is forging an ongoing relationship, a solid understanding of cultural norms is key to success. As a result of working with clients from numerous nations, we have developed a sophisticated understanding of different legal and business cultures. That knowledge and experience have been highly beneficial for our clients.

MAI Law Firm proudly provides legal services that are effective and ethical. Since 1984, our practice has served Miami, and during those three decades, we’ve worked hard to cultivate a reputation. Part of which, comes from our belief in clear and honest communication. We make it convenient for clients to reach us with questions, concerns, or emergencies. When we consult with our clients, instead of bombarding them with legal terminology, we utilize language that’s plain and direct. Ethics are extremely important to us. We zealously fight for our clients, but we’ll always do so by following the rules and telling the truth.

If you have questions, or you’re ready to schedule a consultation, contact us online or by phone today.