Purchasing a home, condominium, property, or any commercial facility is significant. It’s a significant investment financially since deals can typically involve large sums of money. It’s also significant due to the vast amount of relevant details. Aspects of real estate law can involve local ordinances, regulations, legal analysis of common law… just to name a few. Plus, if the real estate deal involves your business, it can represent an important moment in your professional growth.

But your involvement in real estate isn’t just important, it’s also an area that’s all about the details. Make no mistake, real estate law can be highly complex. If you’re a homeowner, developer, landlord, property manager, tenant, or contractor, real estate law likely has a daily effect on your life. Making a single mistake or missing a single detail can potentially sink an entire deal.

If you’re looking for a legal advisor that has extensive experience in the field of real estate law, you’ve found the right firm. For more than 30 years, I’ve provided my clients in South Florida and beyond with effective and ethical legal representation and advice. Real estate law covers a wide range of topics, and I have handled everything from conveyance to finance and property development. By retaining the services of an attorney experienced in Florida real estate law, you can avoid or mitigate any issues that can potentially arise.

A few of the services I offer are:

  • Residential/commercial real estate purchase and sale agreements: I will handle every step of the transaction, from drafting the contract, ordering the necessary inspections, examining the title and lien search reports, coordinating with the lenders, and the closing itself.
  • Condominiums and other attached residences: I provide the same legal services with regard to condominiums. I also examine the financial condition of the homeowner’s association, the necessity of proper authorization granted from the HOA, the need to pay all necessary assessments, and other related details.
  • Drafting real estate documents: Many real estate deals have been delayed or canceled due to problems involving legal documents. It’s critical that these documents be written exactly right. I have extensive experience in drafting purchase and sale agreements, warranty deeds, quit claim deeds, financing documents, 1031 exchanges, and others.
  • Real estate development: When a developer has decided to acquire a particular property or parcel of land, extensive due diligence becomes necessary. Zoning, growth management, environmental factors, and meeting all of the requirements of the site plan are just a few of the necessary steps I handle.
  • Construction loans and contracts: Construction is a somewhat vague term, as it can encompass everything from the renovation of a house to an enormous development involving hundreds of millions of dollars. I have represented nearly every type of organization and individual, and I’m familiar with all of the practical and legal aspects.
  • Titles: I pride myself in my thoroughness in terms of titles. Over time, I have issued over 500 titles without a single uncovered claim.

I have served the legal needs of South Florida for more than three decades, and I believe my commitment to my clients is the essential reason for my longevity. When I offer advice or services, I simply believe in treating my clients exactly the way I’d like to be treated. Which is why I value communication. I make it easy for clients to reach me, and I take the time to make sure every point is adequately understood. If there are questions or concerns, I’ll go over the details using plain language.

If you’re in need of legal advice for any kind of real estate involvement, let me help. Contact me online or by phone to schedule your consultation.